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Which company locations do I need to add in Zenefits Payroll?

All of them. You will need to input any existing company addresses and office locations that your employees work from (please include remote employees, listing their home addresses as an office location).

Company Location

If any company addresses (filing, mailing, or work locations) already exist in Zenefits, they'll be pulled into the Zenefits Payroll account.

  • A company's Filing Address is the one used for filing IRS forms and tax returns. A company can have only only filing address.
  • A company's Mailing Address can be the same as the legal address, or a different address. A company can have only one mailing address.
  • Addresses for all work locations, e.g. company offices and other locations where employees will work or have worked during the calendar year. At least one work location should be added, even if the sole work location's address is the same as the filing and/or mailing address.

Work Locations

Work Locations (with accurate states) must be added for all addresses where employees will be working or have worked in during the calendar year (this includes terminated employees).

If all employees work at the same address, then only one work location is required.

  • To edit one of these current addresses, click Edit next to its name.
  • To add an office location, click + Add Office Location and enter its address.
    • If new hire(s) will be added to Zenefits by the date of first payroll run, make sure there's a work location for the new hire(s) already, or add a new one.
    • A unique office location should be added for all remote employees (i.e., those who do not work at one of the company's office locations). In lieu of an office address, home addresses are acceptable for remote employees.

Work locations added during account setup are available in the Work Locations list.

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