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How do I create custom earnings type in Zenefits Payroll?

Here are some general instructions for creating a custom earnings type in Zenefits Payroll.

Navigate to Earnings Table

To add custom earnings after completing setup, find the Earnings table:

  1. Click the Payroll app. 
  2. In the top menu bar, click Settings.
  3. In the list of settings, click Pay Types.

Create New Earnings Type

To create a custom earnings type during or after setup is complete:

  1. In the Earnings table, click + Add.
  2. Enter a Name (e.g., Severance) for the earnings type.
  3. Select the appropriate Earnings Category. Some categories can be specified with a particular rate, or as supplementary earnings.
  4. If using one of Zenefits Payroll accounting system integrations, select the expense account in the general ledger to which earnings of this type should be charged.
  5. Click Create to save the item.
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