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What's on the Overview page?

Zenefits Payroll and Payroll Sync customers will see a prompt to view all deduction adjustments from their Overview page.

Deduction Adjustments

Zenefits automatically calculates adjustments for employees who were under or over deducted for their benefits. To view any current suggested adjustments, click on the Adjustments tab in the Deductions app.

This section summarizes the deduction adjustments that the company has and what that deduction amount is. The admin can either approve or deny these adjustments and click on "Apply Decisions."

How does this work?

If you decline the suggested adjustment, deductions will continue as normal. That means that for under deductions, employers pay the difference, and for over deductions, employees pay the difference.

Alternatively, you can handle the adjustment on your own, offline.

What is a Benefits Timeline?

The Benefits Timeline is available to all clients, and will provide transparency into an employee's benefits deductions. The Timeline will display all benefits changes, and each change will provide a detailed look into enrollment and cost information. The admin will be able to filter by date range, line of coverage, effective date and creation date.

What are Benefits Deductions Reports?

The following Benefits Reports are available from the Overview page:

  • Current Benefits Cost Report: includes Excel spreadsheets with selected deduction and contribution information for all lines of coverage.
  • Benefits Audit Report: includes plan information as well as deduction and contribution data for all lines of coverage


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