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How can I review historical deductions for individual employees?

Review Historical Deductions by Check Date

At the top of the employee's Deductions summary, there are tabs for each of an employee's current and past benefits. Click on a tab to see:

  • Cumulative total for that benefit's deductions in Zenefits.
  • Cumulative total for the amounts actually deducted in payroll.
  • Per-paycheck deduction amounts, grouped by month.

If there was a discrepancy found between the totals in Zenefits and the totals in Payroll, a banner at the top of the check date list will describe:

  • The amount that will be pushed to payroll to correct the discrepancy, as either a catch-up, or $0 deduction.
  • The number of future paychecks that will have this correction.

Review Per-paycheck Deduction Amounts

Click on a month to expand and view the deduction amount in each paycheck for each pay period.

  • The middle column lists the total deduction amount in Zenefits for the month.
  • The right-hand column lists the amount actually deducted in each check for the month.

The Deductions page is only available to companies who use Zenefits to manage payroll.

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