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Identify S Corporation Owners in Zenefits

S Corporations who use Zenefits should identify their owners (any shareholders who own more than 2% of the company) on the Company Settings page in Dashboard and choose whether to have Zenefits manage benefits costs for these owners.

Identifying S Corp Owners in Dashboard

To identify the owners of an S Corp in Zenefits:

  1. In the primary administrator's dashboard, click the Company Profile app.
  2. Under Tax Info from the left-hand side, you can edit the information:
    1. If the company is structured as an S Corp, select "S-Corporation" from the Business Entity Type list.
    2. If the company is structured as an LLC, but is taxed as an S Corp, select "LLC" in the Entity Type list, the "S Corp" in the Entity for Tax Purposes list.
  3. Click in the Company Owners box and select employees from the list to identify them as an owner.
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