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Using the Deductions Page in Zenefits

Zenefits' Deductions page provides an in-depth review of each employee's deductions for any benefits administered in Zenefits, including current and historical deductions amounts; discrepancies and catch-ups; and the reasons why Zenefits shows changes to an employee's deductions.

Where can I review all of my employees' deductions?

In the Payroll, Pay Connect, or the Deductions app, you will be able to view current and historical employee deductions and contributions. Reviewing Current Deductions for All ... Learn more

How can I review historical deductions for individual employees?

pageInsert(/KR_Drafts/Deductions_Page_in_Zenefits/Reviewing_Current_Deductions_Across_All_Employees, Review Historical Deductions for One Employee) Review Historical Deductio... Learn more

How do I see which employees need deduction adjustments?

When reviewing deductions for all employees on the Deductions page, you can select Needs Deduction Adjustment to filter the list and see only employees who currently have deduct... Learn more

How can I review expected contributions in payroll?

Select Contributions - Expected tab from the Deductions page to review the employer contributions that will be paid towards employee premiums in the next paycheck. Reviewing Co... Learn more

How do I know if I should approve or decline Deduction Adjustments?

Zenefits automatically calculates adjustment plans for workers who were under- or over-deducted for their benefits. Click Pending Actions on the Deductions page to use the Adjus... Learn more

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