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Where can I review all of my employees' deductions?

In the Payroll, Pay Connect, or the Deductions app, you will be able to view current and historical employee deductions and contributions.

Reviewing Current Deductions for All Employee

The Deductions - Current page lists current deductions for each individual type of benefit, e.g,. Medical, Dental, 401( k ), that the company has through Zenefits.

  • Each column in the Deductions table corresponds to one type of benefit offered by the company.
  • Each row in the table lists an employee's per-pay period deduction for each benefit. If an employee isn't enrolled in a particular type of benefit, they'll have N/A in place of a dollar amount.

Review Historical Deductions for One Employee

Click an employee's name in the Deductions - Current table of the Deductions page to see their history of deductions back to the first of the year, or to the date when Zenefits began managing their benefits, whichever is later.

The Deductions page is only available to companies who use Zenefits to manage payroll.

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