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How do I add deductions and contributions for benefits not managed by Zenefits?

Here's how to set up new types of deductions and contributions for benefits that Zenefits doesn't provide, such as a Simple IRA, in Zenefits Payroll, and then add them to employees.

New deductions or contributions added to employees' pay templates should show up immediately in the current draft pay run(s). If not, refresh the run.

Set Up and Add Outside Deductions and Contributions

There's a two-step process to add outside deductions and contributions in a Zenefits Payroll account:

  1. If necessary, create any new deductions types or new contribution types as pay items in the account's Settings so that the new type is available in the +Add New Deductions list. Here's a list of deduction and contribution types supported in Zenefits Payroll.
  2. Add the deductions or contributions to each employee.
    • Follow these instructions to add a recurring deductions and/or contributions in an employee's pay template.
    • Follow these instructions to add a one-time deduction and/or contribution in the pay run itself. Deductions or contributions added directly to a pay run will not recur.