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How do I create new contribution types in Zenefits Payroll?

Here's how to create new types of employer contributions in Zenefits Payroll.

Navigate to contributions table

To add new contributions after completing setup, find the Contributions table in the Pay Types page:

  1. In the Payroll app, choose Settings.
  2. In the list of settings, click Pay Items.

Create new contribution types

To create a custom contribution type in the Contributions table of the Pay Types page:

  1. In the Contributions table, click + Add.
  2. Enter a name (e.g., Simple IRA) for the contribution type.
  3. Choose the appropriate Contribution Category. Most types have both pre- and post-tax versions, so be careful to choose the right one.
  4. If the category allows it, choose whether to deduct by fixed amount or percentage.
  5. If using one of Zenefits Payroll accounting system integrations, select the expense account in the general ledger to which contributions of this type should be applied.
  6. Click Create Contribution to save the new contribution.
  7. If there's an employee deduction for this benefit, make sure to add a deduction type and give it the same name and category.

Adding Contributions to Employees

Once the new contribution is added to the account

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