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How do I create new deductions types in Zenefits Payroll?

Here's how to create new types of deductions in Zenefits Payroll.

  1. Click on your Payroll app.
  2. Click on Settings from the top orange bar.
  3. Click on Pay Types from the left hand navigation menu
  4. Click on +Add Deduction on the top right corner of the Deductions table.
  5. Name your deduction (ex. Medical Deductions).
  6. Select the category for the deduction. Be sure to select the right category since this will determine the taxability.
  7. Decide if it is a percentage or flat dollar amount, if the option is available for the category you selected.
  8. Click Create.

Note: Any required mapping to boxes 12 or 14 on the W-2 are automatic.  If special mapping is required, it must be configured manually by Zenefits.

Adding Deductions

Once the new deduction type is set up:

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