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Can I bulk edit earnings in Zenefits Payroll?

The Bulk Upload Earnings Data tool provides admins with the ability to quickly and easily update multiple workers’ data. It is important to note that this process is pay run specific and is applicable to pay runs that are still in the Draft state.

How to Bulk Upload Earnings Data:

  1. From the Payroll app, select the desired pay run to apply the bulk edits. Please note that the pay run must be in the Draft state.

Ensure all desired workers are included in the pay run - the template will generate using the active roster and cannot be edited once generated. On the top right corner of the draft pay run, select Bulk Upload Earnings Data

  1. Select the earning(s) types you wish to update. In order to keep the template as simple as possible, try only selecting the earnings that will be edited. Any existing values from the pay period will automatically populate in the template.
  2. Please note that this tool cannot be used for Time Off requests. If you wish to update PTO requests, you will need to either (1) complete this within the PTO app or (2) use the Edit Paystubs tool for each person within the draft pay run
  3. Select Download

Edit the Template Values:

  • Open the spreadsheet (must have Microsoft Excel)
  • Edit the spreadsheet with the appropriate changes
  • Save

Upload the Updated Spreadsheet

  1. Select Upload Spreadsheet on the bottom left hand corner

If you navigate away from your browser, that’s okay! You can return to the same pay run and continue uploading your data as long as the pay run is still in Draft

  1. Select the correct spreadsheet to be uploaded into Zenefits. It is important you are using the correct spreadsheet as the bulk upload templates are formatted specifically to each individual pay run. If you wish to include additional workers or earning types, a new template must be downloaded.
  2. Select Continue. Depending on the amount of data to be updated, it may take a couple of minutes to complete.
  3. Select Finish

Undoing Mistakes

What happens if you incorrectly updated information? No problem! There is a way to reverse your mistake should this be identified prior to approving the pay run.

The easiest option is to download a new spreadsheet, make your desired edits, then re-upload.