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How do I add reimbursements in Zenefits Payroll?

Here's how to add one-time or recurring reimbursements in Zenefits Payroll. To create a custom-named reimbursement, e.g., for travel reimbursement, see these instructions.

To Add a One-Time Reimbursement:

One-time reimbursements should be added directly to the paystub in a run.

  1. In the pay run, click Edit next to the person's name who you wish to add a reimbursement for.
  2. In the Reimbursements section of their paystub, click +Add New Reimbursement.
  3. Choose the reimbursement type, and enter the amount.

To Add a Recurring Reimbursement:

A recurring reimbursement should be added to the pay template so that the reimbursement is added to each automatically generated pay run. If there's currently a Draft run, the reimbursement will be added to that run as well.

  1. In payroll, click People, and click on the individual's name.
  2. Scroll down to the Reimbursements section, and click +Add New Reimbursement.
  3. Choose the reimbursement type, click Add, and enter the amount.
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