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How do I pay bonuses in Zenefits Payroll?

Here's how to pay a bonus alongside regular earnings or separately in an off-cycle run.

Pay Bonus in Scheduled Run

To add a bonus in a regularly scheduled run:

  1. In the Payroll app, click Pay Runs in the top menu bar.
  2. Choose the name of the upcoming pay run in the Drafts list.
  3. Click Edit Paystub to open someone's  paystub for the run.
  4. Under Earnings, click +Add New Earnings.
  5. Select "Bonus" from the list of earnings types.
  6. Click Save.

Pay Bonus in Off-Cycle Run

To pay a bonus outside of a normal pay run:

  1. In the Payroll app, click Pay Runs in the top menu bar.
  2. Click Add Off-Cycle Payroll in the upper right corner of the Pay Runs page.
  3. Give the payroll a descriptive name, e.g., December Bonus, and a pay date.
  4. Click Show More Options for advanced settings:
  • Select the Supplemental rate of 22% or Time-based  Tax Rate.
  • If  Time-based  Tax Rate is selected, you will need to select the desired frequency from the  dropdown  menu
  1. Check the box next to the individual's name.
  2. Click Edit Paystub.
  3. Click +Add New Earnings, and select "Bonus" from the list of earnings types.
  4. Enter the amount of the bonus.
  5. If necessary, change the payment method (e.g., from Direct Deposit to Check) by clicking Payment Method at the top of their paystub.
  6. When finished click Save, then Close to return to the Pay Run page.
  7. Now, submit and approve pay as you normally would.
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