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How to add Time Off to pay runs in Zenefits Payroll

Zenefits Payroll will automatically add time off hours to the appropriate pay runs. In most cases, there's no need to manually enter approved hours into payroll, unless the request is approved after payroll is submitted. In this case, hours should be added manually. When each pay run is generated, Zenefits Payroll will automatically add approved hours for dates within the period covered by the run. When payroll is submitted, Zenefits Payroll will also automatically check for any time off balances at the end of the period. This is important if there were terminations during this period.

Once hours are added to payroll, make sure to edit the hours in the Time Off app and not directly in payroll (on the paystubs). Edits made in the Time Off app are automatically reflected in workers' Time Off balances and in payroll (so long as the run is not yet submitted.)

Time Off requests made after payroll is run will not show up in payroll. For example, if payroll is run at 2 PM PST on Wednesday for a check date of Friday, but someone requests time for Friday at 5 PM on Wednesday, even if the request is approved, the hours will not be added to the pay run.

For companies who use both Zenefits Payroll and Time & Attendance, Time Off requests added directly to a pay run will not be added to Time & Attendance. Time Off will only automatically show in Time & Attendance if the pay period is still open. If you need to add Time Off to a closed pay period in Time & Attendance, you can do so directly in the Time & Attendance app.

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