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Change your company pay schedule in Payroll

 Learn how to change your company pay schedule in Payroll.

Please contact Zenefits Customer Care to make changes to a current pay schedule or move people from one schedule to another. Provide the following information, as applicable:

  • Which people you'd like updated (Salary, Hourly, Both)
  • Pay Frequency (Weekly, BiWeekly, SemiMonthly, Monthly)
  • Requested Check Dates (if BiWeekly, what day of the week)
  • Calendar days between the last day of your pay period and check date
  • If the check date lands on a holiday or weekend, how would you like it shifted (Before or After)
  • The next two pay periods and their corresponding check dates for your company, using the desired pay schedule.

If you are changing your company's pay schedule mid-year, it's important to note that this may result in the salary not aligning at the end of the year. To ensure the salary is paid out as defined in the worker profile, take into account any remaining pay periods and the salary remaining. Zenefits cannot assist with reconciling salaried employee pay.


If you're using Zenefits Pay Connect, simply update in your payroll system, and Zenefits will detect the change and carry it over to Zenefits.

If you're using Zenefits Pay Connect Checklist, you can update this on your own via the Settings tab of the Pay Connect app.


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