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What's on my paystub

Your paystub in Zenefits is available via the Paystubs card on your dashboard. To learn more about what is on your paystub, also called an Earnings Statement, keep reading.



  • Regular Earnings
  • Any custom earnings (bonuses, vacation, holiday, etc)


  • For expenses incurred while performing work for the business (i.e. travel)




  • Health Pre-Tax Deductions (medical, dental, vision, etc)
  • Health Post-Tax Deductions (life, disability, Roth, etc)




  • Federal
  • State (if applicable
  • Local (if applicable)


Employer Contributions (if applicable)


  • Any employer paid amounts towards medical, dental, vision, retirement plans etc.




  • Sick Leave Balance (if there is no Sick Leave Policy set up then Vacation PTO balance will be displayed; if there is neither Sick Leave Policy nor Vacation PTO Policy set up then the section will remain blank (Personal Leave is not displayed on stubs)).
  • If the pay run is an off cycle run, the Pay Run Name will be displayed in the Notes section of the worker's pay stub.








Why don't I see the Paystubs card on my Zenefits account?

If you don't see the Paystubs card on your account, check with your company's HR contact. If your company does not use Zenefits to run payroll, your paystubs wouldn't be housed in this system.


What's the difference between Amount and Year to Date?

The Amount column will show how much is being paid for the pay period detailed on the paystub. The Year to Date column will reflect how much has been paid thus far in the calendar year.


Why does it say Net Pay? 

Net Pay is the amount you take home, after taxes. Gross Pay is the amount before any taxes or deductions are taken out- this can be found on the Total line under Earnings


What if something is incorrect on my paystub?

If you feel that something is incorrect, such as the amount of hours you worked, or the rate on your earnings, contact the HR representative for your company. 

Wow, I didn't expect my insurance deductions to be so much. Can I remove them?

You'll have an opportunity to make changes to your insurance elections at your company's next open enrollment period, or if you experience a qualifying life event.

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