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How do I automatically enter hours into Zenefits Payroll

If your hourly employees use Time & Attendance, their hours will automatically be entered into payroll. Learn more about using Time & Attendance with Zenefits Payroll.

If they don't use Time & Attendance, you can enter their hours into their pay templates and have those hours automatically added in each pay run:

  1. First, follow these instructions to create a custom earnings code using the Regular Earnings category. Rename it something other than "Regular Earnings."
  2. For each hourly employee, follow these instructions to add their normal number of hours per period (e.g., in a week) to their pay template. Use the earnings code you just created instead of "Regular Earnings."

If you choose the latter, remember that the number of hours you to their pay template will always be added to their paystub. If an employee were to work less than the normal number of hours in one pay period, you'll need to edit those hours manually in the employee's paystub for that run.

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