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How do holidays and weekends affect pay periods in Zenefits Payroll

During holidays that are deemed a “banking holiday,” banks will not process pay runs and will not send direct deposit payments. The ACH only sends direct deposit payments on weekdays; this means pay runs and payments will not be processed on weekends or on holidays that fall on a weekday.

You may submit payroll on a holiday or weekend, but Zenefits Payroll cannot process transactions on holidays or weekends.

Holidays and Weekends in Zenefits Payroll

If a pay run's check date falls on one of the banking holidays, or on a weekend, the run's check date will be moved before or after the holiday or weekend, according to your company’s weekend and holiday rule

Please note: the deadline to run payroll and reminder emails will be prorated accordingly. For example, if a pay run's deadline moves to a day earlier than you would normally run it, you will still receive reminders to run payroll three (3) days, two (2) days, and one (1) day before the new approval date. 

In the event that your pay period ends on a banking holiday or weekend, you may approve and push the hours that have been submitted and pay out the missing hours in a separate, off-cycle run, or simply add them to the next pay period. 

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