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How will my staff know they've been paid

Now, you can easily proactively notify your staff that it's pay day, all while you're approving payroll.

In the Approve Run step of running payroll, you'll notice a check box has been added that asks if you'd like to notify people via email and mobile app notification when the paystub becomes available.

payday notification

If left checked, your staff will receive an email from Zenefits, as well as a mobile push notification on their phone if they have the Zenefits app downloaded, as soon as their paystub becomes available. This typically becomes available around 9:30am PST.

If you uncheck the box, no notifications will go out.

If you are paying by check, then no notifications will go out.

Since this cannot be disabled at an employee level, we recommend creating an off cycle run for any termination payrolls.

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