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Understanding Labor Groups and Multiple Pay Rates in Zenefits Payroll

What are Labor Groups?

Labor groups allow your company to understand how much money is being utilized by a particular group. By setting up and assigning your workforce to labor groups in Zenefits, you can better understand your company's cost allocation.

How do I get started with Labor Groups?

The most basic of labor groups (Department, Work Location) are required in Zenefits. Without even realizing it, you've probably already set up the foundation of labor groups for your workers. From there, you'll also want to think about defining and assigning Positions and Projects depending on your company's process.

Are Labor Groups only for hourly workers?

Definitely not. Every company can benefit from understanding the costs associated with all of their departments or various work groupings, from executive level to any contract work. You can even track the costs associated with certain initiatives or projects by creating these in the Company Profile and assigning them to specific individuals.

Can I have someone else in the company set up labor groups?

Yes, but note that in order to set up and manage labor groups, the individual will need to be a Company Admin with permission to Edit Company Profile info. 

How does Overtime from Zenefits Time & Attendance sync to Payroll?

When a work week isn't fully contained within a pay period, we will not sync the overtime for the incomplete work week to payroll. The regular pay will include all hours worked ... Learn more

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