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Why didn't a worker receive their direct deposit

Direct Deposit transfers can take 1-2 banking days from check date to post to individual bank accounts; times for individual banks will vary. Any Direct Deposit funds transferred by Zenefits Payroll that don't successfully post to a valid bank account within 5-7  banking days will be returned to your payroll account. If someone doesn't receive their Direct Deposit funds with 5-7  banking days, and the funds aren't returned to your payroll account, contact Support.

In the meantime, you can cut a manual check in the amount of the net pay. Zenefits Payroll debits the employer/employee tax amounts from your payroll account when payroll is processed, so even if an employee's Direct Deposit transfer fails, the taxes that should be deposited for that paycheck are unaffected. 

If you're an employee, click here for more information


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