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How to Reconcile a Pay Run with COVID-19 Credits on Reverse Wire

If you are on reverse wire, Zenefits lumps both the hourly and salary pay run debits under a single amount to be requested to your bank account. On the Bank Transaction Report, you'll see Total Taxes and Total Net Pay via Direct Deposit under the title of “Net pay for a Pay Run XX”. This is a product gap on our end due to how the system handles these banking transactions. 

Direct Deposit Net Pay + Total Taxes (EE + Company) - Tax Deferrals = Total debited amount 

Zenefits debited you for $376,056.82
Salary Pay Run:
175964.37 (Direct Deposit Net Pay) + 98812.81 (Total Taxes) - 13836.52 (Tax Deferral) = $260940.66
Hourly Pay Run:
90528.86 (Direct Deposit Net Pay) + 32216.01 (Total Taxes) - 7628.71 (Tax Deferral) = $115116.16
$260940.66 (Salary Pay Run Total) + $115116.16 (Hourly Pay Run Total) = $ 376,056.82 

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