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Reconcile payroll in Zenefits

Learn how to reconcile payroll.

Payroll reconciliation is the process of comparing your internal accounting records (such as a company bank statement) against your pay run(s) to ensure accuracy. Reconciling will help to identify possible account errors or mismatches caused by possible credit(s) applied to payrun( s ) and/or the Level of Service of your Taxes.

To reconcile the amounts that Zenefits Payroll debited for the taxes and worker net pay (by Direct Deposit) in a particular payroll, the following reports payroll administrators can run to reconcile payroll: 

  • All-in-One Report: Run the All-in-One  Report and enter the payroll's check date for the report's Start and End date. 
  • Bank Transaction Detail Report: This report will break down the following pay types and will reflect the amount that Zenefits Payroll will debit form your company’s payroll account: 

           - Net pay & any reimbursements for all workers paid by Direct Deposit 

           - All worker and employer taxes set to full service 

  • Payroll Summary: This report reflects the totals for gross pay, net pay, total taxes and employee taxes by jurisdiction, and deductions and contribution totals (by type).  

Note: The debit amount reflected on the bank transaction detail report excludes any net pay for workers who are paid by check, and all deductions or contributions for ?workers'? benefits . Zenefits will also pull this amount in two separate debits: one for worker pay and one for all related payroll taxes that are set to full service.

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