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Zenefits Payroll Reconciliation

When trying to reconcile your Payroll runs to the debits on your Bank account, you will want to run two reports for each payroll run. 

Zenefits Payroll has different levels of service for taxes, so we will only debit you for jurisdictions that are set to Full Service. Zenefits does not process tax payments for tax jurisdictions that are set to Calculate Only. 
On the Payroll Summary report, you'll notice a Zenefits Remits amount located right next to the Total Taxes. The You Remit amount will be the total taxes for anything set to Calculate Only. For any tax jurisdiction set to Calculate Only, you're responsible for making tax payments to the jurisdiction independently.  

Employee Taxes + Employer Taxes / Zenefits Remits  = Total Taxes Debited per Payroll Run 

Net Pay and Reimbursements (by Direct Deposit) = Total Net Pay per Payroll Run  

If paper checks were issued on the run, you'll subtract the amount from the Net Pay amount shown on the Payroll Summary to get the Total Net Pay per Payroll Run on the Bank Transaction report.

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