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The Pay Runs page in Zenefits

The Pay Runs page lists all Draft, Preview, Approved, and Paid payroll runs for a Zenefits Payroll account. Listed for each run are totals for gross earnings, taxes, deductions, net pay, and total cost.

Runs are separated into four groups:

  • Drafts (Pending Approval): these runs are manual payroll runs that haven't yet been submitted. Click on a Draft run to review it, make edits, and submit it for processing.
  • Preview runs are runs that exist that cannot be edited. A Preview run will move to a Draft run at noon the day after the pay period ends. Preview runs generate for clients using Zenefits Payroll and Time & Attendance.
  • Approved (Pending Payment): these runs are any submitted payrolls that will be processed for payment. Click on an Approved run to review it and unapprove it if necessary. Please note if you miss your payroll deadline, your deadline and check date will shift one day. There is more information about approval deadlines here
  • Paid runs were processed and paid to employees. Paid runs can be viewed, but not edited. Manual checks can be printed for Paid runs.

Click Add Off-Cycle Run to create an off-cycle run outside of the normal pay schedules, e.g., to pay out a bonus or cut an employee's final check.

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