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The Payroll Overview page in Zenefits

The Payroll Overview page is the front page of Zenefits Payroll. This page gives a snapshot of upcoming runs, runs currently in processing for payment, and any runs with hourly employees that need to be reviewed. Click on a run in the Pay Runs table to see and edit the run's details.

Actions on the Overview Page:

  1. Running Payroll
    • To review and approve current run, click Run Payroll Now.

Or, click on one of the current or historical runs listed in the Pay Runs table. Each payroll is listed with the check date, the total amount to be paid, and one of three statuses:

  • Runs marked Draft can be reviewed and edited, then approve it if desired.
  • Runs marked Approved can also be reviewed, edited, or marked Unapproved at any time before the processing deadline.
  • Runs marked Preview contain hourly and/or salaried non-exempt employees, and are awaiting approval for those hours. Preview runs are created when an employee assigned to that schedule enters time in Time & Attendance.

Click on the dates of each payroll run to review or edit it.

  1. Timeline

The timeline gives you a peek into any events going on with your company that may affect how you run payroll. For example, you would see any recent onboarding activity for a new hire. You would also see managerial changes, as well as any benefits related activity.

  1. Pay Periods Calendar

The pay periods calendar gives you a quick glance into the structure of your company's pay cycles. You'll clearly be able to see segmented pay periods, holidays, check dates, and when your payroll is due.

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