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Validating Company Banking Information in Zenefits Payroll

Due to the sensitive nature of payroll, Zenefits Payroll must verify all company bank accounts associated with the account.

Even if a company has previously validated a bank account, e.g., for paying contractors, Zenefits Payroll must reverify the account when it is added to the payroll account.

Bank Validation Process

There are two options for validating company bank information in Zenefits Payroll:

  • Automatic verification for supported banks.
    1. Choose the bank from the list of supported institutions.
    2. Provide a password and username for the company's account with that institution.
    3. If the company has more than one account with the institution, pick the account that should be used for Zenefits Payroll.
  • Test transactions using to the company account. (Companies whose bank is not supported by Zenefits' verification partner must use this option).
    1. Enter the account holder's name, and valid routing and account numbers. Zenefits will initiate two deposits to and one withdrawal from the account.
    2. The transactions should show up in 1-2 business days. Once transactions post to the account, click Pending in the Payroll card to enter the amounts and verify the account.

Automatic verification for supported banks is not mandatory, and can be declined in favor of the test transactions method. The rest of a Zenefits Payroll account can be completed in advance of the test transactions, but payroll cannot be run until the bank account is validated.

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