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What Payroll Providers Are Compatible With Pay Connect?

Here is a list of payroll systems with which Zenefits can automatically sync. Providers that are not on this list cannot be synced to Zenefits. However, Zenefits' Payroll Checklist supports all providers.

Supported Providers for Checklist

Zenefits supports any payroll provider through the payroll checklist. Each pay period, we'll prepare a set of files for you, detailing precisely what information needs to change in payroll--like adding a new hire, or updating a deduction. You can either upload the files directly, or enter the information yourself, depending on your payroll provider's system. It's simple, intuitive, and works with any payroll provider.

Supported Providers for Automated Sync

Zenefits supports automated sync for the payroll systems listed below. For more information, click on the name of the payroll provider.

*Please note that the nature of the Gusto sync has changed. Learn more.


Supported Providers for File Sync

Currently, Zenefits offers File Sync, which is a cross between checklist and full sync, for Paylocity and ADP WorkForce.

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