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What federal tax information do I need for Zenefits Payroll setup?

You will need your federal Employer Identification Number, withholding return, and any exemptions from employment taxes.

Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

The Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique nine-digit number (00-0000000) assigned to each business entity by the IRS. Payroll providers will ask for the company's EIN in order to file and pay the company's Federal taxes.

Apply online for an EIN, or find an existing EIN:

  • on IRS Form 941 (Federal business returns),
  • Form SS-4 (sent by the IRS after an online application is processed),
  • or by contacting the IRS.

Click here for instructions on changing the Federal EIN on file in Zenefits.

Click here if you need the Federal Power of Attorney form.

Federal Filing Form

At the moment, Zenefits Payroll only supports companies who file Form 941 to report the amounts withheld for FICA and Federal income taxes on a quarterly basis. Zenefits will take care of the EFTPS registration on behalf of the company.

Zenefits Payroll does not currently support companies who file Form 943 or Form 944.

Federal Tax Exemptions

Charitable organizations, religious organizations, and other non-profits may be exempt from paying certain Federal Taxes.

  • If exempt, select Yes, and designate the Federal taxes from which the company claims exemption. Provide the effective date for each exemption.
  • To check on a given organization's exempt status, see the IRS' Exempt Organizations Select Check tool.
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