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What is my company's entity type and ownership?

Zenefits Payroll will also need you to provide information on your company's entity type and ownership.

Identify Entity Type and Owners

For each type, identify either owners, officers or partners (as prompted) from the list of employees who are already in Zenefits or were added during the Add Employee step.

Only employees who are already in Zenefits or were added during Zenefits Payroll setup can be selected. To select an owner who isn't also an employee, follow these instructions to "hire" them in Zenefits.

  • (C) Corporation: identify officers, e.g., those with titles (VP, CEO).
  • LLC: first, identify how the LLC is taxed (as a C Corp, S Corp, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship), then identify owners/partners/officers as necessary.
  • Partnership: identify the partners.
  • S Corporation: identify any shareholder-employees who own more than 2% of the company. Make sure to identify them on the Company setting page so that Zenefits Payroll can manage their benefits' cost in payroll.
  • Sole proprietorship: identify its owner.
  • LLP: identify the partners.
  • Non-profit: identify the officers.

Identify Family Employees

For partnerships or sole proprietorships (or LLCs taxed as either), identify any family members of the owner(s) who are also employees so that Zenefits Payroll correctly calculates taxes for these employees. For each family member, identify the relationship to the owner (spouse, child, domestic partner).

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