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What state tax information do I need for Zenefits Payroll setup?

Provide account numbers, tax rates, and any other state-specific tax information for you and your workers' home addresses and work locations.

Here's a full list of tax account numbers, rates, deposit schedules, and additional requirements in each state.

Depending on the state's requirements, provide one or more of the following:

  • Tax Account Numbers: Some states use a single account number for all payroll taxes; others require an individual number for each type of tax, e.g., one for Withholding, one for State Unemployment Insurance, and/or one for Worker's Compensation insurance. Most states have income tax; here's a list of those that do not.
  • Tax Rates: Many states will assign each company an individual rate for each type of payroll tax. New employers (who have never paid employees before) will often receive the same initial rate. You can change your rate in the Payroll Settings page.
  • Effective Dates for Tax Rates: States will reassess a company's tax rates on an annual basis. If a particulate rate has changed during the year, the Effective Date helps Zenefits Payroll calculate the proper tax amounts for the portions of the year at the previous and current rates.
  • Additional Requirements: Some states will require additional ID numbers for paying or depositing particular taxes. NY, for example, requires a PrompTax ID so that payroll providers can electronically deposit taxes.
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