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Does Zenefits Payroll print paper checks?

We don't. However, you can print live checks on each check date for employees who aren't paid by direct deposit. Zenefits Payroll automatically formats checks for printing on DLT104 check stock, which can be used in most standard inkjet or laser printers.

Note: Please check with your financial institution to verify that this check format is accepted.

For employees paid by manual check in a particular run, Zenefits Payroll will not debit amounts for their net pay from the company's payroll account. All other amounts (employer contributions, employee deductions, employer/employee taxes, etc.) will be debited from the account as normal for employees paid by check.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about printing checks from Zenefits Payroll:

  • Zenefits Payroll will only generate the check file for a run after it is processed for payment.
  • DLT104 check stock has three sheets: the top page is the actual check, and the bottom two sheets are copies. 
  • When feeding the check stock into your printer, make sure that the top page is the side that the printer will write to.
  • Zenefits Payroll's check PDFs contain only the date, amount, and payee's name by default unless the Name & Address option is enabled. 
  • Enabling the Name & Address option will display the name and address fields for future checks.
  • If the check was downloaded as a PDF before the Name & Address option was enable it will not display on the check.
  • Company information such as account and routing numbers must be added when the check stock is ordered.

To print manual checks for a run

  1. From the Pay Runs page, find and click on the run in the Completed - Paid list.
  2. On the Pay Run Review page for that run, click Print Checks to download a PDF of checks. (Each page in the PDF is an individual check)
  3. Open the downloaded PDF file and review each check.
  4. Load sufficient DLT104 check stock into a laser or inkjet printer.
  5. Print the PDF.

Note: When mailing checks with the printed employee name & address it should be sent in a standard #10 window envelope.

As with direct deposit amounts, manual check amounts for each run can be exported to QuickBooks and Xero. Each individual check will show up as a single line item.

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