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How to Run Payroll in Zenefits

To run your normal payroll, click on the Payroll app, then Run Payroll Now to review and submit an upcoming run. 

Running your first payroll? Check out our instructional video first!

Here are step-by-step instructions for running regularly scheduled payroll:

  1. Select Run Payroll Now from the Overview page, or select Pay Runs, then click on the run you wish to submit in the Drafts table.
  2. On the Edit Pay Run page, you'll make changes to any pay details, if needed.
  3. Click Finish Edit to move to the final step.
  4. On the Run Summary page, you'll see:
    • Tax details 
    • The option to download the payrun in Excel 
    • The option to finish the pay run approval at a later time (please note that if the draft isn't approved by the deadline, this will result in a different check date)
  5. Click Approve Run to process the run, and you'll be returned to the Pay Runs page with confirmation of a successful run via a green banner across the top of the page.

If you are trying to run an off-cycle pay run, please see this article.

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