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Review a pay run

Click on a draft pay run on the Pay Runs tab to see its details, make edits, and approve or unapprove it from the Pay Run Review page.

  1. Edit Pay Run Review Page

Configure the run using the following options.

  • Click the box next to a worker's name to remove or add them to the run.
  • Click Configure Table to add additional columns to the table:
    • Deductions
    • Contributions
    • Employer Taxes
  1. Review and Edit Paystubs

Click Edit to review earnings and deductions for a specific worker.

  1. Submit Run

If the run looks good, click Finish Edit to confirm its details and approve it for processing and payment.

  • Click Reset Pay Run from the three stacked dots in the right corner to reset the Draft run entirely (back to the default amounts calculated by Zenefits Payroll, and thus reversing any manual changes) and start over.
  • Click Finish Later to save all details in the the current run without submitting it.
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