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Running Payroll in Zenefits Payroll

To run payroll in Zenefits, open the Payroll app from your dashboard. Either click Run Payroll Now, or go to the Pay Runs tab and select a Draft run to approve.

How to Run Payroll in Zenefits

To run your normal payroll, click on the Payroll app, then Run Payroll Now to review and submit an upcoming run.  Running your first payroll? Check out our instructional video f... Learn more

What do I need to prepare before running payroll in Zenefits Payroll?

We'll begin sending email reminders about approving your pay run three days before the run's submission deadline, and every day thereafter. Most of the time, there's no need to ... Learn more

What employee info does Zenefits need to validate a pay run?

If any employee in a pay run is missing the following information, the run can't be submitted unless the information is added or corrected, or the employee is removed from t... Learn more

How to edit missing or incorrect information in order to run payroll

If Zenefits Payroll notices that workers are missing or have incorrect information for anything in this list, payroll can't be run until the error is resolved. Here's an easy wa... Learn more

Does Zenefits Payroll print paper checks?

We don't. However, you can print live checks on each check date for employees who aren't paid by direct deposit. Zenefits Payroll automatically formats checks for printing on DL... Learn more

How to Create and Delete an Off-Cycle Payroll

Before beginning, remember that off-cycle runs are subject to the same processing deadline as regularly scheduled runs. For example, for a company that normally runs payroll 4 d... Learn more

What is the timeline for running a payroll correction in Zenefits Payroll?

Here's what to expect after contacting Support to request a reversal or correction run in Zenefits Payroll. After the request is made and completed: A reversal run w... Learn more

I paid an employee the incorrect amount, need to cancel a direct deposit or entire pay run

If you need to cancel a direct deposit, cancel an entire pay run, or paid an employee the incorrect amount and need it corrected, please contact Support for further assistance.M... Learn more

I missed my approval deadline

If you miss the Zenefits Payroll approval deadline of 2pm PST (5pm EST), your check date will shift to the next business day. Please reach out to Support directly if you require... Learn more

Net Wages vs Net Pay

Upon approving a pay run, the summary page will detail the Net Wages amount, which is calculated with the following values:Gross Pay- Employee Tax- Employee Deductions- Garnishm... Learn more

Review a pay run

Click on a draft pay run on the Pay Runs tab to see its details, make edits, and approve or unapprove it from the Pay Run Review page. 1. Edit Pay Run Review Page Configure th... Learn more

Running a Third Party Sick Pay Run

What is third party sick pay?A disability benefit, or payment, that assists workers in the event they become disabled due to non work related injury or illness.Who makes the pay... Learn more

Add Employee Name and Address on checks

Learn how to print the employee’s name and address on their check.1. Navigate to the Payroll app2. Click Settings3. Click Pay Statements4. Navigate to Paycheck Printing Options5... Learn more

Reset Pay Stub

Learn how to reset a worker’s pay stub on pay run.1. From your Zenefits dashboard, click the Payroll app2. Click the Pay Runs tab, then select a pay run.3. Click Edit next to on... Learn more

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