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What do I need to prepare before running payroll in Zenefits Payroll?

We'll begin sending email reminders about approving your pay run three days before the run's submission deadline, and every day thereafter. Most of the time, there's no need to prepare to run payroll. However, in some cases, there are a few preparations worth making before you run.

What to Check Before Running Payroll

If necessary, the following tasks must be completed before running payroll (e.g., when running payroll for the first time or if a new employee has been recently added to payroll).

Zenefits does not verify employee or contractor bank account and routing numbers. It's recommended to have your workers double check for accuracy prior to the first direct deposit.

  • Safety Check: Zenefits Payroll will prevent submission of a run if critical information about your workforce is missing or incorrect. If something's wrong, the error has to be corrected (or the individual must be removed from the run) before the run can be submitted.
  • Add Outside Deductions: Make sure to add any new outside deductions or contributions for benefits that Zenefits doesn't manage before running payroll. Follow these instructions to add recurring or one-time deductions or contributions.
  • Add Garnishments: Garnishments are added in employee pay templates, not in runs. Follow these instructions to add a new recurring or one-time garnishments before running payroll.
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