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What employee info does Zenefits need to validate a pay run?

If any employee in a pay run is missing the following information, the run can't be submitted unless the information is added or corrected, or the employee is removed from the run.

Earnings Information Checked for Each Regular Run

Zenefits Payroll will check each employee's earnings to make sure that an employee's net pay for the period is equal to or greater than $0. In other words, an employee's deductions + taxes (+ garnishments, if any) cannot be greater than their net earnings.

Employee Information Checked for Each Run

Each employee must have:

  • a valid an unique SSN
  • a correct Work Location in the state where they physically perform work
  • a Compensation Type (Salaried or Hourly)
  • a Compensation Rate (Annual Salary or Hourly rate)
  • Account and routing numbers for at least one bank account
  • a Payment Method (Direct Deposit or Check)
  • an assigned Pay Schedule
  • a tax filing status (e.g., single, married, etc.)
  • a residence location (home address)
Missing Info Reason for block
Missing SSN Can't file taxes for this employee
Missing salary or hourly rate Can't calculate earnings
Missing bank account or routing number Cant' pay employee by Direct Deposit
Missing Work Location Can't file, pay, or calculate taxes correctly
Employees with the same SSN Can't file and pay taxes for the right employee
Missing Pay Schedule Can't calculate taxes correctly
Missing Filing Status Can't calculate taxes correctly
Missing Residence Location Can't file, pay, or calculate taxes correctly

To correct or add missing information, follow these steps.

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