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What is the timeline for running a payroll correction in Zenefits Payroll?

Here's what to expect after contacting Support to request a reversal or correction run in Zenefits Payroll.

After the request is made and completed:

  • A reversal run will show up on the Pay Runs page with a negative total cost and the same check date as the original run.
  • The reversal run will show up in the Completed - Paid runs table with an easily identified name (e.g., Ebeneezer Scrooge - Reversal), and will process according to the company's normal processing period (2 or 4 days).
  • No funds will be credited back your account for the reversal payroll, since employees' net pay isn't returned. Instead, the amount of tax liability (shown as a negative amount) for the reversal run will be credited to next runs(s) after the reversal is processed.

For example, let's assume an employee had the wrong withholdings information when the original run was processed, and $200 extra in taxes were debited from the company's payroll account.

  • In the reversal run, the total tax amount will be -$200.00. This amount will be applied towards the next run.
  • If that subsequent run has a total liability of less than $200.00 (e.g., $150.00), the remainder of the credit ($50.00) will be applied to the liability in the following run, and so on, until the credit is fully applied.
  • If there's a credit remaining at the end of a filing period, that credit will be applied to the return.
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