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How can I set up the OLD version of QuickBooks Online Accounting Integration?

How do I install the integration?

  1. Click Settings in the top menu bar from within the Payroll app.
  2. Under Software Integrations, click Add Integration. 
  3. Click Sync next to QuickBooks Online. 
  4. In the popup, enter a registered QuickBooks  Online username and password, and click Login.
  5. Select the organization from the list and click Authorize.

The Quickbooks  Online accounts for the organization is now synced to Zenefits Payroll. Next, make sure to map Zenefits Payroll transactions to the appropriate ledger accounts in Quickbooks Online's Chart of Accounts. 

How do I set up the integration?

After QuickBooks Online is synced to Zenefits Payroll for the first time, each payroll transaction in the Zenefits Payroll account must be mapped to the appropriate payroll ledger accounts in QuickBooks Online's Chart of Accounts.

  1. Click into the Settings page of the Payroll app.
  2. Click Edit Accounts next to the QuickBooks Online logo under the Software Integrations section.
  3. Choose whether Zenefits Payroll should automatically export each pay run's info to QuickBooks Online.
    • If Yes, Zenefits Payroll will automatically export the pay run's info when the run is completed and paid.
    • If No, pay runs can be manually exported from the Confirm Run Details when a run is approved, or from the Pay Run Review page from a completed run.
  4. Choose whether to use Basic Mapping or Advanced Mapping for the ledger accounts.
    • Basic Mapping groups similar transactions and maps them to the same account. Any specific transactions within this group will post to the same account. For example, if the Regular Earnings group in Zenefits Payroll (which contains Reimbursements, Cash Tips, and Hourly Wages) is mapped to the 21 Payroll Wages Payable account in QuickBooks Online, any transaction with one of these types will post to 21.
    • Advanced Mapping requires that each individual pay item in Zenefits Payroll is mapped to a specific ledger account in QuickBooks Online. Different pay items can be mapped to the same account. This method provides total control over how each type of transaction is posted to QuickBooks Online, but requires more setup time.
  5. Then, for each transaction type or group in the list, select the QuickBooks Online ledger account to which this type of transaction should post.
  6. Click Save.

Regardless of the mapping method chosen, the mappings can also be viewed and edited in Payroll Settings on the Pay Items page.

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