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Using QuickBooks Online with Zenefits Payroll

How can I set up the OLD version of QuickBooks Online Accounting Integration?

How do I install the integration?Click Settings in the top menu bar from within the Payroll app.Under Software Integrations, click Add Integration. Click Sync next to QuickBooks... Learn more

Manually Exporting Zenefits Payroll Runs to QuickBooks Online

To manually export a pay run to QuickBooks Online: Click Pay Runs. Click on the run's name in the Completed - Paid Runs table. Click Export to QBO under the list of employe... Learn more

How can I set up the NEW Quickbooks Online accounting integration?

Who can set up the integration?In order to set up this integration, you'll need to be a Full Company or Payroll administrator in the Zenefits system.What are the requirements fo... Learn more

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