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Map Zenefits Payroll Transactions to Xero Chart of Accounts

Once you've connected Xero to Zenefits Payroll, follow these instructions to map Zenefits Payroll's transactions by type to the appropriate ledger accounts in Xero. Zenefits Payroll uses these mappings to export the right payroll information to the right account in Xero.

To begin, click Manage in the Payroll card, then:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Organization in the "General" list.
  3. Scroll down to "Software Integrations".
  4. Click Edit Accounts next to the Xero logo.
  5. Choose how Zenefits Payroll should export payroll information to Xero: automatically or manually.
  6. Choose whether to use Basic Mapping or Advanced Mapping for the ledger accounts. (Which should I choose?)
  7. For each type of Zenefits Payroll transaction (the left-hand list), select an account in Xero from the dropdown list. This list is pre-populated with the accounts that are already in Xero.
  8. Choose mappings for all transactions in the list. The Bank Account mapping is required.

Follow these instructions to enable payments for each clearing account in Xero that you'd like Zenefits Payroll to post transactions to.

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