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Reconciling Manual Checks in Xero

When employees in Zenefits Payroll are paid by paper check, Zenefits Payroll will report their net pay amounts on a separate invoice from Direct Deposit amounts. Here's how to reconcile paper check amounts on the Bank Reconciliation page in Xero.

  1. Log in to Xero.
  2. Find the account that should be reconciled and click Reconcile [number] Items.
  3. In the list of line items, identify the pay run by its check date, and click Find & Match.
  4. If more than one employee was paid by manual check in that run, you'll need to split the total amount in the statement to the amounts paid to each employee:
    1. Click Split next to the total in the Spent column.
    2. In the popup, enter the line item's amount into the Part payment field.
    3. Click Split in the popup window to confirm.
  5. Click Reconcile.
  6. Repeat steps 5-7 to match and reconcile other transactions as necessary.

For a video tutorial, see Xero's Help Center.

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