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Accounting Field Mapping Descriptions

Below are descriptions for how we define fields associated with our accounting integrations: 


Bank Account – This field is where payroll transactions for Zenefits Payroll related services will be attributed.  Think of it as the client’s bank account.  Items like contractor payments, Employee net pay and payroll taxes will decrease the Employer’s Cash or Bank Account. The payroll bank account may or may not be the same account used for Billing. 


Regular Earnings – Regular Earnings represent employee pay for work performed during regular scheduled hours.  It is the taxable payment made to the employee before deductions and taxes are subtracted to determine net pay.  Employees may also receive other earnings types such as additional earnings, bonuses, commission, OT, Holiday pay, PTO or Personal leave. 


Reimbursement - This field includes payments from the reimbursements section of an employee’s pay template.  It is used for non-taxable payments like expense reimbursements.  Reimbursements and allowances add to net pay, but have no impact on taxes.


Direct Deposit - This is the normal payment method used by Zenefits Payroll to pay employees.  Employee net pay is calculated in the system, and sent via ACH to the employee bank account.


Live Check - A live check represents a payment made outside of Zenefits Payroll.  For example, an employer may issue a business check to the employee.  That transaction is not paid out by Zenefits, but the tax impact needs to be recorded.


Employee Taxes for Checks - This field includes the calculated taxes for employees that are paid via Live Check.  While the net pay was not issued by Zenefits, the taxes from the transaction still need to be collected and deposited with the taxing agencies, and therefore need to be included in the accounting integration.


Employee Taxes for Direct Deposits - This field includes the employee taxes for employees paid via direct deposit.   This does not include any tax credits on file with Zenefits Payroll. 


Employer Tax - This field includes the calculated employer paid taxes. This amount does not include any tax credits on file with Zenefits Payroll. This field includes taxes for agencies even if they are not paid or filed by Zenefits Payroll. 


Garnishment - This field includes garnishments (amounts that are automatically that are automatically deducted from employee paychecks to pay for outstanding debts to government, state agencies, and sometimes private organizations).  


Benefits Expenses for Dental Insurance -  Dental Benefits (ER Contribution) 


Benefits Liabilities for Dental Insurance - Dental Benefits (EE Deduction) 

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