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Authorize Zenefits Payroll as Third Party Administrator in Iowa

Learn how to authorize Zenefits Payroll as a third party administrator.

Employers who use Zenefits Payroll to pay employees in Iowa must authorize Zenefits Payroll as a third-party administrator (TPA) with the myIowaUI portal to allow Zenefits Payroll to deposit and file the company's IA unemployment taxes.

Grant Zenefits Payroll Access to myIowa UI Account

Grant third-party access in myIowaUI to allow Zenefits Payroll to file and pay unemployment taxes in Iowa.

  1. Log in to the myIowaUI portal using a registered account ID and password. Sign for both if necessary.
  2. In the lefthand menu, in the Other Options list, click Assign Agent.
  3. On the Add Agent page, enter this ID: R2449257.
  4. Click Next. The retrieved agent should be PayYourPeople, LLC, Zenefits Payroll's legal name.
  5. In the Assign Agent Roles section, click Reporting Roles, and assign the correct roles:
    • Maintain Account
    • Submit/Change Wage Detail
    • Manage Payments
    • View Correspondence
    • View Transaction History
  6. Click Complete.


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