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Authorize Zenefits Payroll as Third Party Administrator in Minnesota

Learn how to authorize Zenefits Payroll as a third party administrator.

Employers who use Zenefits Payroll to pay employees in Minnesota must authorize Zenefits Payroll as a third-party administrator (TPA) with the Minnesota Departments of Revenue and Unemployment to allow Zenefits Payroll to deposit and file the company's MN employment taxes.

Employers must complete a separate authorization process for each agency. Companies who do not provide TPA authorization for both agencies may be responsible for paying and filing their own taxes.

Authorize Zenefits Payroll as TPA with MN Department of Revenue

Zenefits Payroll will request third party access for the company's account with Minnesota Revenue. Follow the instructions in the email sent by Minnesota Revenue to approve this access, or:

  1. Log in to the Minnesota Revenue E-Services.
  2. Select Manage my profile in the lefthand list.
  3. Select Set up access with another business.
  4. Select Approve or Deny pending 3rd Party Access request to your account(s).
  5. In the Access Allowed drop-down menu, select Yes.
  6. Select the Access Type and choose All Access, then click Next.
  7. If access has been granted, select the Access Type and click Next.
  8. Review the information on the Request Summary page and click Submit.

Once the request is submitted, Zenefits Payroll will receive confirmation by email. Note that if your prior vendor does not terminate access, we won’t be able to add access and file your returns.

Authorize Zenefits Payroll as TPA with MN Department of Unemployment
  1. Log in to the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance System. To recover a lost UserID or Password, contact the MN Dept of Unemployment at (651) 296-6141 and choose Option 1.
  2. Click Account Maintenance.
  3. Click Agent Authorization.
  4. Click New.
  5. Enter this number -  AG016073
  6. Enter the current day as the Effective Begin Date.
  7. In the Available Roles, check the boxes for:
    • Account Maintenance Update and Submit
    • Tax Payment Update and Submit
    • Wage Detail Update and Submit
  8. Click Save.
  9. In the Assigned Roles section, find Account Maintenance Update and Submit. Then, under Modify, click Assign Employer Reporting Units for this role.
  10. In the Select Employer Reporting Unit section, select Check the box if the assigned role will be for all Employer reporting units.
  11. Click Add.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Click Previous, then repeat steps 9 through 13 for the Tax Payment Update and Submit and Wage Detail Update and Submit roles.
  14. Click Update to finish.

Note that if you have just established your account with this agency, you must state when you first began paying wages.  If you do not, the state will not accept your tax return and we will be unable to file until completed. 

*Enter Date of First Covered Wages: Enter date covered wages were first paid and date services were first performed for non-subject  employers .

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