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Authorize Zenefits Payroll as Third Party Administrator in Oregon

Learn how to authorize Zenefits Payroll as a third party administrator.

In order for Zenefits to remit your quarterly and annual filings to Oregon, third party access and a Business User needs to be granted to Zenefits. By following the steps below you can manage the users associated with your account(s). As a Business Access Administrator (BAA) you are able to approve, deny, and remove Business User (BU) access.

  1. As a Business Access Administrator you are able to approve, deny and remove Business User access.
  2. When an individual requests access as a Business User to a specific BIN, the request will be sent to the BAA for review via email.
  3. When you receive the request you can go to the affiliations tab under my profile and you can view the details of the request to determine whether the request should be approved or denied.
  4. Under the View By section change to ‘My Users’ to see the requests.
  5. Under the actions drop down you can view BIN details for the request as well as approve or deny.
  6. Viewing BIN details gives you an audit trail of previous affiliations as well as details on the requestor.
  7. If you approve the request the Business User will be given access to the BIN and be able to prepare and file payroll reports as well as view previously filed reports.
  8. If the request is denied the BU will receive an email letting them know their request to affiliate was denied.
  9. Additionally, when a BU no longer needs access to a BIN the BAA is able to remove their access to that BIN.
  10. Affiliations that are not responded to within 5 days will expire and a new request would need to be submitted.

For additional assistance regarding granting access to Zenefits, or to assigning a Business Access Administrator (BAA) to your Oregon OPRS online account please visit their online Help Center.

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