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Authorize Zenefits Payroll as Third Party Administrator in Washington DC

Learn how to authorize Zenefits Payroll as a third party administrator.

Employers who use Zenefits Payroll to pay employees in Washington DC must authorize Zenefits Payroll as a third-party administrator (TPA) and grant Power of Attorney (POA) with the Washington DC Department of Employment Services (ESSP). This must be completed to allow Zenefits Payroll to process Washington DC Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax on your behalf. 

It's a two step process:
  1. Set up the ESSP account.
  2. Add Zenefits Payroll to the account as an authorized agent and complete the Power of Attorney (POA) assignment.

Set up ESSP Account As New Employer

Employers paying employees in Washington DC for the first time should register as a new business on the ESSP site.

Set up ESSP Account as Existing Employer

Employers who existed in DC prior to October 15, 2014, should have received should have received a letter with a temporary password from the ESSP. If not, contact the DC Help Desk at 202-698-7550 or email essp. info @ dc . gov to receive one.

After receiving the password:

  1. Head to the DOES ESSP site and click the Click here to set up the account link.
  2. Enter an Employer Account Number and the temporary password from the letter.
  3. Complete the setup process to set up a user name and permanent password for ESSP. Keep this information on hand for authorizing Zenefits Payroll to file returns for the company.

Authorize Zenefits Payroll as Agent

After completing setup for an ESSP account, authorize Zenefits Payroll to access the account and electronically file tax returns. Please note, Zenefits Payroll must be the only  active  TPA  agent on your ESSP account. 

  1. Download and complete a copy of the DC Power of Attorney (POA) form here. For reference, Zenefits Payroll's legal name and address are:
    • PayYourPeople, LLC
    • 40 E. Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 900, Tempe, AZ 85281
  2. Log in to the ESSP using the user name and password that were defined during setup as a new or existing employer.
  3. Click Account Maintenance in the lefthand menu.
  4. Under the Employer Account heading, click Agent Assignment.
  5. Click Add Agent.
  6. Enter Zenefits Payroll's agent account number (DC6P1H) and click Search.
  7. Click Select POA to upload the signed POA.
  8. Under the "Assign Roles" heading, click each box for the type of role that Zenefits Payroll should perform as agent. At minimum, make sure to select the Wage Reporting role check box, and enter the beginning date that Zenefits Payroll will have access to each role.
  9. Click Save to finish.

Click the previous arrow button in the upper-right part of the page to verify that Zenefits Payroll has been assigned as an authorized agent.

Checking Zenefits POA Status

If Zenefits is already assigned to the account, our name, account number, status, POA document and permissions will be displayed. The next step will be to verify if the POA on file is valid and not expired. This can be done by clicking the View hyperlink. Once the POA document is downloaded the company administrator needs to verify if all information is current and valid. 

If you see a document that is titled “DummyPOA”, and upon opening displays a message “This is a dummy POAfor the conversion employers.“-, this document is not valid and needs to be replaced by the valid POA.

How to Replace Old or Invalid POA:

1. Select Account Maintenance on the left side of the screen

2. On the next screen, select the second box Agent Assignment

3. Click on the Agent Name hyperlink

4. Click the Select POA button on the screen to upload the document from your saved computer files. The document must be in PDF format

5. Click Upload to save the selected file

6. Assign the appropriate roles to your agent and add an effective date.
Please note, the effective date must be the first day of a quarter, such as 1 / 1 /17, and the end date is optional but if provided, must be the last day of a quarter, such as 6 /30/ 2017 . If the end date is provided the agent’s access will be revoked after the expiration date

7. Click Save to complete agent assignment 


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