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New York State Disability Insurance Taxes

Learn about New York State Disability Insurance Taxes.

Employers in New York are required by law to provide SDI (State Disability Insurance) coverage for eligible employees to cover Off-the-Job Injury or Illness. Employers can choose to cover the entire cost or withhold $ 0 .60/ week of eligible employees' wages to share the cost of coverage.

Example: $ 0 .60/ week x 52 weeks = $31. 20

Monthly: $31. 20 /12 = $ 2 .60

Biweekly: $31. 20 /26= $ 1 .20

Semi Monthly: $31.20/ 24 = $ 1 .30

Employers who use Zenefits Payroll can choose to withhold 0.5% of eligible employees’ wages in each payroll for NY SDI. However, Zenefits Payroll will only withhold, but not pay or file NY state disability taxes for employers. Employers are responsible for remitting these taxes to their NY SDI carrier.

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