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Employee State Taxes

In Zenefits (and for payroll in general), work locations usually determine where employees and employers pay taxes.

When in doubt, always consult a CPA or other tax professional to determine where an employee should be taxed.

Taxation for On-site Employees

Most employees who work on-site at a company office pay taxes to the state where the office is located. Those who commute from another state to the office may have the opportuni... Learn more

Payroll Taxes and Work Locations for Remote Workers

Anyone who works remotely will generally pay taxes to the state in which the work is performed (the "physical presence" rule). Employers will generally also pay taxes on wages p... Learn more

Local Taxes Supported and Pushed by Zenefits

Employers who use Zenefits Payroll to pay employees in some states may also be subject to certain local taxes. Below is a list of locals and local resources. This list is not in... Learn more

How do I change my company address in Zenefits?

Administrators can make changes to the official company address in Zenefits by following the instructions below. The company address in Zenefits must be the address on file with... Learn more

Military Spouse Residency Relief Act (MSRRA)

The Military Spouse Residency Relief Act (MSRRA) allows the civilian spouse of an active military service member to claim the same state of legal residence (SLR) as the service ... Learn more

Payroll Lock Letters

In some rare cases, the IRS may require an employer to administer a W-4 Tax Lock Letter. This is a notification that the the employer receives from the IRS requiring the employe... Learn more

Reciprocal Tax Agreements and Certificates of Non-Residence

Some states have reciprocal tax agreements with each other that allow employees who live in one state and work in another to be taxed on income in the state where they live, rat... Learn more

Taxes for Employees Living and Working in Different States Without Reciprocal Agreements

Employees who live and work in different states without reciprocal tax agreements should still be assigned the proper home and work states in payroll. These employees may be... Learn more

Withholding for Employees Working in Missouri and Living in Kansas

For Kansas residents who work in Missouri, Kansas credits these residents for the amount of income tax withheld in Missouri. In cases where an individual's MO withholding i... Learn more

What do the different State Filing Status options mean?

What do the different State Filing Status options mean? During the onboarding process, you may find that while importing State Filing Statuses that some of the abbreviations are... Learn more

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