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Downloading W-2 and W-2c Forms for Printing

Zenefits provides two options for downloading employee W-2 copies. This makes the employer responsibility to furnish printed copies by the IRS deadline faster and easier.

  • One-per-page:  The one page  W-2 format provides the employee with all of the needed copies (B, C, & 2), but each copy will print on a separate page. 
  • 4-UP:  The 4-UP format will provide all copies on one page to allow for faster printing.
Please note:
  • Download speeds will vary depending on file size and it may take several minutes for larger PDF files.
  • If popup blockers are enabled on your browser, it may block the download of the files.
  • The new 4-UP format will only be available on W-2 Forms for years 2020 or later.
Printing standard one form per page format

Because the IRS requires copies furnished to employees to be easily separated, if you don’t have perforated paper, it is recommended that you use the one-page format.

Printing new 4UP format

Zenefits provides a new 4UP format that allows administrators to print employee W-2 copies on a single page.  The specifications allow printing onto perforated paper so that employers can meet the IRS requirements of providing physical copies that are easily separated.  See the paper and envelope specifications below for details.  If you don’t have perforated paper, Zenefits recommends printing using the one form per page format outlined above.

View 4UP  Dimensions

What are the exact specifications for the paper and envelopes?

Perforated paper for 4UP W-2 printing has 4 equidistant quadrants that fit onto standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper, making each quadrant 4 .25 x 5.5 inches.

The address boxes for the envelope specifications measure at exactly as follows:

  • Bottom address is 2 .43 inches (2 7 /16”) from the bottom of the envelope
  • Top address is 3 .43 inches (3 7 /16”) from the bottom of the envelope
  • Both address boxes are .75 inches (¾”) in height

View exact specifications

Where can I buy the paper and envelopes that meet these specifications?

Zenefits recommends that employers use the official NELCO site to purchase paper and envelopes at least one week before you will be needing the supplies.  It is recommended that administrators purchase at least 25% more paper and envelopes than the actual number of W-2 forms you will need to print to account for multiple pages and/or to troubleshoot any printing issues.  

Please note that NELCO will not list Zenefits as an option when selecting a provider for your order.  You can select any other provider listed and it will not impact the supplies provided by NELCO  as long as you order the products as listed below.  The Zenefits  W-2  PDF specifications match the specifications for the following products:


For perforated paper with no pre-printed instructions, use product number 4UPPERF05 

Construction: Laser Blank

Form: W-2 & 1099R

Pages: 1

Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Forms/Sheet: 4up Ver 1

Horizontal Perforation: 5 1/2"

Vertical Perforation: 4 1/4"


For perforated paper with pre-printed instructions, use product number 4UPPERFI05

Construction: Laser Blank

Form: W-2

Form Name: Wage and Tax Statement

Pages: 1

Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Forms/Sheet: 4up Ver 1

Horizontal Perforation: 5 1/2"

Vertical Perforation: 4 1/4"

Other: Instructions


For window envelopes, use product number 1961

Size: 5 5/8" x 9"

Top Window Size: 3/4" x 3 7/8"

Top Window From Left Side: 3/8"

Top Window From Bottom: 3 7 /16"

Bottom Window Size: 3/4" x 3 7/8"

Bottom Window From Left Side: 3/8"

Bottom Window From Bottom: 2 7 /16"


Printing Tips for 4UP Format:
  1. Test page:  To ensure your printer and paper is properly configured for the right specifications, it is recommended that you first print test pages on regular, non-perforated, 8.5 x 11 paper and adjust any settings accordingly:
    Use a laser printer.  Other printer types may allow the paper to shift in the printing process which will cause misalignment of information in the envelope windows.
    If you will be using perforated paper with pre-printed instructions on the back, be sure to write a large X in marker on one side of the paper so you will be able to see how the paper feeds through the printer.  This will allow you to properly load the printer tray with the instructions face up or face down.
    Make sure your print settings are not adding any additional margins and will print the PDF as actual size.  Other settings may cause the misalignment of information in the envelope windows.
  2. Protect Secret Information:  Print at least one test page on the perforated paper and insert it into the windowed envelope to make sure no secret information can be seen.  Only the employer and employee address should be visible.
  3. Select Consolidated PDF without instructions:  For a quick print of all W-2s, it is best to select the option for a Consolidated PDF when you download and not check the box to include instructions.  This will allow you to load your laser printer with the perforated paper and print all of the W-2s at once.
Printing a W-2c

Due to the amount of information required on a W-2c form, Zenefits can only provide a one-page-per-copy format option, however, we do provide all required employee copies for furnishing purposes

Should you need to print a W-2cbform for an employee, we recommend that you print W-2c forms separately from W-2 forms if you are selecting the 4UP format option for W-2s.


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